Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Freebies - 2/7/14

Welcome to the first Friday Freebies post! I found these adorable beach balls to download that would be awesome for a Summer type card . I found them on & soon as you click the image , it takes you to another page to download them.
I hope to get our printer set up soon , as I have so many ideas for these.Hope you enjoy the brief moments of Summer & get some inspiration. I found the site through a random freebie search.  I might be back to check them more often.

On my search to find more out there freebies, I came across this one Titled Wonky House from Spyder's Corner. Once you are into her blog, make sure you click the GREEN word where it says HERE to download then save on your computer as normal.
 It's cute & quirky , might suit any New Home or Welcome home themed card. I have a idea that I hope to try but as I'm sure any colors would work well with it, I can see myself already printing off about 6 or 9 per page. I suppose at a glance it looks like something that could even work for a Dr Seuss themed party invite...hmmm can't stop thinking now

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